Recovery \ restore Windows 10 on PiPo X9S

Restore PiPo X9S

Unfortunately, after an October 2018 Windows update, my PiPo X9S stopped working correctly, the recovery system included in Windows 10 does not work as it should and the official restore images made available on PiPo’s website contain a batch error and recovery It is not automated.
For this reason I make available a repair tool that brings your PiPo X9S as just out of the box, in a few simple steps.

I would like to specify that the software included in this tool is not owned by me, the donation is simply a reward for the time spent, for the maintenance, for the possible assistance for those who download and to continue working on this kind of projects. Those who prefer not to make this donation can locate the materials necessary for restoration from other sources.

It is also compatible with the X9 model but the Android system will be deleted, for any other PiPo models you can contact me reporting the model and check its compatibility.

The recovery instructions will be sent to you by email and on the summary page.

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